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DIGILAB Brennerei 4.0 offers mainly three formats in line with the strategy of WFB Bremen Economic Development Corporation / Bremen Invest: The Innovation Forums, the Innovation Workshops and an Innovation Project, which adresses students from disciplines. All our activities are dedicated to Technology- and Knowledge Transfer. They are not only focused on the three innovation clusters of the WFB - aerospace, wind energy and maritime management / logistics but on other projects with other sectors of the economy as well.

The aim of the Innovation Project is to give the team members a professional experience within the scope of real projects, while imparting expertise to the economy and putting companies in contact with potentially highly qualified employees and potential Start-ups. In doing so, the DIGILAB Brennerei 4.0 lab is helping to work towards a solution for the issue of a lack of skilled talent.
DIGILAB Brennerei 4.0 fosters transnational collaboration with stakeholders from WFBs partner countries - Turkey, the US and China - as well as from European countries. These activities will promote international exchanges, bring new professionals to Bremen and convey the competencies of Bremen's companies to the rest of the world.

In our Innovation Workshops, issues and problems are dealt with individually in small groups from 5 - 12 people and in a practically orientated manner. The Innovation Forums are aiming to inform an audience from about 20 - 200 people about certain topics in a more general way. 

DIGILAB Brennerei 4.0 is situated in one of Bremen's Creativity Hotspots: The Alte Schnapsfabrik, a former destillery, where nowadays aroung 100 people from the Creative Industries are taking care of their businesses.

2014 Brennerei was honored national winner at the European enterprise promotion awards. Additionally, in the category “Investing in entrepreneurial skills” it was runner-up on European level.

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